Ready or Not Here Come's the Most Fabulous Super Moon!

What is a Super Moon? And what does it mean that we are to have 5 consecutive Super Moons in 0 degrees. Well hold onto your hats everybody.

Scientifically, a Super Moon means that the moon is at its closest proximity during its orbit around earth. We all know the planetary effects that the moon has on earth i.e. the tides, oceans. If you are a sensitive (or not) you may also feel the pull and push of moods, and feelings. I mean we are over 70% water so it only makes sense to extrapolate that the moon also changes physiology for us as well. This 4 of 5 consecutive Super Moon in 0 degrees also has extra potent and intense affects for us as a planet.

We are at an awesome time period on the planet. I KNOW that some of you have been feeling that surge, anticipation, sometimes bordering on frustration because you know a breakthrough is imminent but just outside of your grasp. Some of you are still feeling the blocks and stuckness of the past holding you tight and immobile.

These past 2 years we have been amidst what i call a '“Quickening”. A radically intense and accelerated time of transformation, acknowledging our shadow side, giving rest to our ancestors and their inherited affects on our lives and life events, purging our karma, or what we brought over from our past lives are all in play. The Universe, unequivocally, is asking us to give it all up!! Give it UP! And embrace who you are! So, in the past 2 years leading up to now if you done your ‘work’ and followed your guidance, and you’ve made the changes in your life for YOUR joy and happiness then all is well. You will reap the rewards. For those of us still in the mix, this Super Moon and the next will make sure we are ready for those rewards as well.

Quoting from “The closest Supermoon of 2019 graces our skies tomorrow (2/19) and promises to bestow its purifying and ‘sort-out-your-life’ kinda energy on us all. This rare Full Moon at 0º of Virgo acts as a crossing point between states of being and shepherds you through your inevitable transformation. No matter how much you try to fight it!

While you could get carried away in the whimsically imaginative energy of this water sign, (we are entering the sign of Pisces at the same time) focused and practical Virgo arrives to keep you grounded in the here and now. As the fourth of five consecutive Full Moons at 0º, tomorrow’s (2/19) rare Supermoon in Virgo, continues your critical period of transformation and illuminates what needs to be refined, removed, or clarified in your life. On the same day, the wounded healer, Chiron stations at 0º of Aries, complimenting the purifying lunar energy with its deeply healing vibes.”

So ready or not. Here it comes. Purging could take the form of jobs/careers that don’t serve you, relationships, and habits. Could it be ultra intense? It could. What are some ways to get through this period and move with grace to the other side?

As this vortex of change is happening around you and to you. It’s important to practice grounding and centering exercises.

  • Remember to breathe, center yourself. You can find a wonderful deep breathing exercise on my youtube channel: Sema Tihan. The breath will calm and reset your nervous system each time it gets overwhelmed.

  • Don’t get stuck in the drama. Or in other’s drama. Create space and move away from those that are toxic or that don’t create peace in your life.

  • Find a way to clarity so you can see the bigger picture, through meditation, stillness, being out in nature, journalling, visiting a house of worship, having a reiki session.

  • Wear earth colored crystals and gemstones like Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian (which is a favorite of mine) and others.

  • Do a guided meditation/visualization to open your feet chakra and your root chakra to ground you to mother earth energy. Find one here.

  • Create a mantra for yourself. In your own words to balance, and center yourself from overwhelm, as control passes from the lower ego mind to the higher Universal mind within us. For example, “I am Peace”, “I have faith and trust the Universe (God, Jesus, Buddha, Source).

  • Seek support and help. Whether it’s a friend, loved one, therapist, holistic healer, coach. Find someone that understands what you are going through and can help you through it!

At the end of it all. Rest assured that what will be left is the best, the good, and the light!

Lots of love everyone. Sending all of you peace and blessings!

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Sema Tihan

Director and Founder, The Reiki Healing Center of NJ

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