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“Open Your Heart Chakra” Workshop

The heart chakra is one of the most important energy centers in our body. It rules our ability to give and receive love. Most importantly though, the heart chakra is the center in which we make our connection to source. This space is where source communicates directly with us.

Without the health of this energy center we may feel isolated, alone, unable to attract or maintain loving relationships. Other symptoms may be, finding ourselves to be sad and depressed for prolonged periods of time.

An open heart chakra allows us to connect and allow the flow of love to pass in and through us. We are connected to and sense our true eternal selves, we are more trusting and allow ourselves to be open and authentic.

The most beautiful part of a completely open heart is the vibration emitted by that space. The heart gives out the highest and most powerful frequency on earth. Being in the presence of that vibration in an of itself is healing and transformative.

The open heart is a beacon drawing in all things that are on its wavelength, magnetizing it to itself. Its signal that it is ready to receive, accept and in turn give totally and surrender.

The open heart sees only the light and good of all things and in its ‘seeing’ empowers and feeds it through the infinite flowing through it .All those that resonate with the open heart are those that will bring the person abundance and joy in all parts of their life.

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