Karma Releasing Workshop

Karma Releasing Workshop


Did you know most of your thoughts are not even yours?! That most of your behaviors, emotional reactions and plain thoughts of things are just memories playing out and triggered old programs. That as much as we consciously desire a better life, which is immediately possible, we can not align our thoughts and actions to support that desire.

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So where's the disconnect? This workshop will specifically teach you what the disconnect is and immediately give you tools to start 'connecting' and aligning all of you to work together.

That's where this workshop will HELP you! I will teach you 3 techniques that will immediately start to work on your 'memories', aka 'mental programs' aka 'karma' on multiple levels and also on your lineage of generations past, present and future.

If you are ready and 'done' as I was and ready to move on to what I KNOW in my heart my potential is and actualize it. This workshop is for YOU!

These are techniques that I have culled from reading MANY books, attending MANY workshops and have intuited specifically through inspiration to use and have PERSONALLY seen the incredible results of.

I can tell you that this won't happen on its own! But there is a way of grace and ease that I will teach you to get there!

What you will learn:

Karma Busting Meditation. Take your meditations to the next level by pressing certain buttons or 'trigger points' to release karma in your brain!

Ritual to release our ancestors and their effects on our lives.

The ancestors are in full force and requesting to be released so, they can evolve and so can we. This simple yet effective ancient Vedic ritual has miraculous results and can be done at home daily. The results will instantly be felt through past, present and future generations!


You will be introduced to this Hawaiian karma releasing method to clean, erase and delete those programs that you find yourself in moment by moment. Actions and thoughts that are negative, self deprecating, self sabotaging blocking you and keeping you in the prison of a self-created reality.

These are deep, transcendent, penetrating methods made to access the subconscious and beyond. Techniques that will provide results WITH CONSISTENT AND COMMITTED PRACTICE.

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Workshop Fee: $99