“A teacher, or a healer, can only take you as far as they have travelled themselves.”  

Sema Tihan

Our Mission

Assist individuals in finding the fulfillment and contentment they seek in their lives.  Whether the impediment be of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature.  We know that our work addresses all those layers and will guide and benefit them in attaining their life goal(s).

We meet everyone exactly where they are in order to facilitate healing on whatever level they need.

We believe in working with our clients to not only facilitate their healing but to empower, educate, coach and continually inspire them in reaching their life goals.

We fulfill our mission through the application of energy medicine in the form of Jikiden Reiki and a host of natural and holistic tools we are inspired and guided to use for the individual.

We are COMMITTED to keeping our practice ‘grounded’ and accessible to everyone without regard for age, sex, sexual orientation, race or religion.

As practitioners we understand that in order to do this work we must vigilantly put in the time and effort necessary to be and become “healed healers”.

Education and Training

Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering

I am a critical left brain thinker while also a highly intuitive right brainer.  I bridge the gap by having the proverbial foot in each door.  I mean that’s what we are supposed to do, right?  Bring spirit, creativity, imagination, inspiration, unconditional love, compassion through our right brain and incorporate it into this reality, life on this planet, through our left brain.

Spiritual Scientist.  

Now with over 10 years and 10,000+ hours of client sessions and class training experience under my belt.  I’ve observed the healing process so many times and seen what works and what doesn’t and supplemented that with my training to create an optimized process, a program, using all those hours of information, knowledge and wisdom to help and serve others.  And it hasn’t stopped there.  New daily ‘downloads’, inspiration and insight appear spontaneously and with every new client I work with.  You can never get bored that’s for sure.  And my innate curiosity and passion for what I do allows me to serve through my practice with grace and ease.  I’ve learned WHEN to surrender my left brain and rely in totality to my right brain and bridge the gap when I need to.  It’s a beautiful place to reside in because it opens up the entire cosmos and all the powers creation and creativity.

So, in conclusion to the question I can only answer the question how are you uniquely qualified to do this work? by saying that everything in my life, including the unique gifts that I came into this lifetime with, have prepared me for this work.  Have you had those moments or times in your life when something felt absolutely right.  Well that’s what I feel everyday.  There is this irrefutable knowingness that THIS is what I am supposed to be doing.  And the THIS expands moment by moment.  

Beyond my formal education and hours and years of practice I’d like to mention my ’training’ in energy medicine and healing. 

The form of energy medicine I practice and teach is Jikiden Reiki.  There are also other therapies I incorporate so let’s talk about my ’training’ here.  But to be honest, no one can teach you these ’skills’ or ’therapies’.  You are introduced and given structure through your training so you can start practicing, but it’s in the practicethat you learn and gain mastery.

Jikiden Reiki, Shihan (Teacher of Level I and Level II).  It’s an authentic lineage that teaches us the culture context in which the method was created.  The attunements, called ReiJu are very powerful.  The curriculum from the Jikiden Reiki Institute provides a balanced and complete overview of the practice.  For anyone that is a left science brainer, like me, you will absolutely adore it.  

Reiki Master.  I studied Western Reiki with the Reiki Alliance in 2003 and 2004, Mrs. Takata’s lineage through Level 2.  And went on to study with William Rand’s organization in 2008 for Advanced Reiki Techniques and Reiki Master.

Aromatherapy.  I have studied at The New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.  I love plants, aroma, essential oils and love the ease of which we can incorporate them for daily health and living.  I am finally able to ROI on my years of chemistry in college!

RYT 200.  I’ve been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1996.  My chronic and debilitating back pain from a period of my life was the reason I started yoga, in order to find some reprieve from the pain and spasms.  I still have a regular practice that I rely on for movement, and to stay supple and flexible  in both body and mind.  One just naturally influences the other, doesn’t it.

Crystals and Gemstones.  I have loved rocks as far as I can remember.  Even before I ventured in some rock climbing I specifically remember occasion where I would place my hands on rocks, mountains and "listen".  They are great tools that help my clients during the healing journey.  They are beautiful and meaningful adornments to wear are as well!  All the jewelry offered is through my soon to be released (end of 2018/beginning of 2019) brand and online store, Healing Gems and Stones.  All of the jewelry are energy enhanced and hand made by myself.

At this point in my practice and life, whatever else I need to know comes to me through inspiration or I am guided to learn it. So, the above is not an exhaustive list of the guidance and assistance I receive or provide. And this happens on a constant basis. I’ve also learned not to fret about memorizing anything.  Whatever I need to know appears to me when I need it in a manifested form or in my minds’ eye.

Who Am I?

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend, a mother, a naturalist, an environmentalist.
I love adventure, the outdoors, sports, and travel.
I care about sustainability.  I hug trees.  I stop, notice and smell the flowers or just watch nature with awe as often as I can.
Some say my jokes aren’t funny.  But I always laugh.
I love the ocean.  I love the mountains.  I love my backyard. I love every patch of nature and pray that we save it for all of those yet to come.
I love the warmth of the sun on my face and body.
I love the smell of the forest after it rains.
I escort insects out of the house and back to theirs.  I respect and hold dear all living beings.
I love to practice yoga and dancing like no one is watching.
I love to sing even though I can’t carry a tune and don’t know all the words to the songs.
I’ve grown to appreciate the everyday tasks of taking care of myself and my family.
I love being surrounded by the love and company of family and friends.

I am passionate about life and what I do.
I accept everyone as they are.  And I see their perfection even if they may not be able to just yet.
I am authentic.  And in that authenticity I accept that my energy and being may not resonate with everyone.  I still choose to be authentic.
I believe that the highest vibration is love.  And that all lower energy forms, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are transformed in its presence.
I accept that individuals are at different states of consciousness.  I believe as individuals we all have the choice in situations to either be pulled down into lower states of consciousness or elevate others to higher states of
consciousness by how we choose to respond at that instant.  The highest state of consciousness is unconditional love.
I believe that we can not fight for peace, that we must love for peace.
I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything or be with anyone to feel completely fulfilled and content.
I have learned how to heal myself and realize it’s a life long practice.  While this does not guarantee immortality it does guarantee a life lived intentionally and the ability to choose to live with love and joy in every day that I am here.
I have firm and strong energetic and personal boundaries.  
I believe in the power of love to transform anyone at any time in their life regardless of their past.
I love people.  I love listening to their stories. 
I am an optimist, the glass is always half full.
I feel there is a good and higher, greater design to our lives that we sometimes are not privy to especially, when we are in the midst of the most challenging times of our lives. 
I accept that my mind may not be able to fathom all that there is.  So I cannot discount any inspiration, insight or knowledge or wisdom from another that I may receive.
I believe we can change everything by changing the way we think about it.  
I know that the only thing I can truly change is myself.  But with that change I can affect the entire world’s energy.
I believe each and everyone of us makes a difference.   And that we can tip the scales to love and peace when each one of us seeks to explore and own to that ability.
I believe we can all heal, become whole and enjoy the fruits and bounty that life has for us.
I believe in the goodness that exists in each and everyone of us.
I have come to realize that how I treat another is how I treat myself.  And how I allow myself to be treated is how I feel about myself. 
I CAN see that we are all one and I CAN see and feel the spark of the divine in everyone.  No matter how hidden it may have become in their lifetime.
I believe in our power to heal ourselves and our ability to manifest our desires into reality. 
I feel compassion for all humans and all living things.
I realize that we are all spirits having a human experience.  And in this journey of life that assistance can only be provided when it is asked for and the individual is ready to receive it.
I’m spiritual not religious.  My religion, if you were to define it, would be called loving kindness.  
I take responsibility for my life and know that I am responsible for what is in it and for what is not.  And for everything in between.
I love what I do.  I feel blessed and grateful for every moment, every person, every experience that has brought me to this here and now.
I never give up on anyone for I have already seen who they are, and their future self of what they can do and who they are meant to be.  It then becomes my mission to connect them to that vision within themselves.
I have realized I can not give what I do not have.  And that I can only heal others as far as I have healed myself.

And finally, I’ve come to the realization that I am here to teach and guide towards healing those that I encounter both personally and professionally that may resonate to any or all of these beliefs, understandings, realizations and empowerments.

So, in the end I am one who has found, aligned and committed to their purpose in this lifetime.  And ready to help others do the same.

 “And in closing, I am uniquely qualified to assist in the healing of those that resonate with me and, those that I CAN, will.”  

And that’s how it works my friends.