Class Testimonials

"A grounding, nourishing and heartfelt experience for me. 

It will change your life, that is, if you want to change 

I’m much more aware of the changes I need to make to make way for more positive energy around me. 

I’m blessed meeting Sema.  Her approach is unique to herself.  Her warm, genuine approach to teaching as well as the sense of humor that abounds from her." 

John J Parisio July 2017 (Shoden resit, Okuden)



"My experience is something I’ve been waiting for my entire life.  Sema is the most inspiring, healing, compassionate woman I’ve ever met.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn Reiki and be able to help heal children and animals.  I love you! 

I tried my first Reiki session in Florida and wasn’t pleased nor did I feel it was something that would work for me.  After a few sessions (with Sema) and attending both Shoden and Okuden classes I feel stronger mentally, spiritually and my body feels calm/relaxed.  There is not enough paper in the world or ink to describe how incredible the class is/was." 

"I feel enlightened and thankful."  

Meridith Cassell July 2017 (Shoden and Okuden)


Why take a class at RHCNJ?


  • Sema Tihan is a scientist with a Bachelors degree in Engineering.  She presents the information, even the most esoteric, in a grounded and easy to understand way.

  • She has trained through the levels of a Western Reiki Master AND Jikiden Reiki Shihan.

  • She studies with her teacher Frank Arjava Petter and the Jikiden Reiki Institute regularly to maintain and upgrade her teaching and practical skills.

  • She has been in a successful professional practice for over 10 years with over 10,000+ working hours with clients and students

  • She is a Spiritual Scientist. Curious, results and process oriented.

  • This is not a part time job, or a hobby, but a LIFE COMMITMENT to treating clients and teaching Jikiden Reiki, as well as, other powerful natural healing therapies.


As a Center for the education and training in JIkiden Reiki we operate under the auspices of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan.  Those incredible benefits include:

  • Joining a worldwide community of JIkiden Reiki students and practitioners.

  • Listing on their website, certifying your levels of completion in Jikiden Reiki.

  • Receiving two certificates of completion.  One from me, as your teacher and, one directly from the Institute.  Those certificates arrive from Japan hand calligraphed in Kanji on rice paper.  Exactly as it was done by Dr. Hayashi.

  • A manual written and edited by JRI in Japan.  As the goal of the teachings is to exactly replicate the original teachings, this manual is invaluable in its presentation of the material.

  • Consistency of curriculum.  I think this is a big one.  All the JRI teachers in the WORLD are required to teach the same curriculum.  Of course, we all inject our own personality and experience but the core teachings are the same.  This provides the student with consistent teachings across teachers.

  • Once you have completed classes you are given a passport that enables you to take classes with any JRI teacher in the WORLD!

  • The passport allows our students to Review/ReSit with any teacher, anywhere in the world at a discounted tuition.  As with all subjects that we are working towards mastery, repeating the classes are not only necessary, but provide the inspiration, motivation and amp up we all need to go back to our practices revitalized!  The class sessions are a beautiful retreat experience of learning and healing each and every time.

As a student of The Reiki Healing Center of NJ you will also enjoy the following benefits as well:

  • Join a community of like minded students 

  • Join our private student’s facebook page that keeps you up to date with events, inspiration and related posts specifically for our student population

  • Partake in MONTHLY student clinics

  • Mentorship by senior students and practitioners

  • Apprenticeship opportunities for those looking for experience to become a practitioner or to learn how to incorporate this therapy into their existing vocation.  

  • Practitioner Training Program, Coming Soon!

  • Classes in Spanish, Coming Soon!