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“Loved my experience with Sema. Loved her energy from the minute I walked in. I felt like I got more out of one session of Reiki then any therapy session I’ve ever had. Looking forward to my next appointment.”

Lana H.


“Absolutely amazing experience! I would recommend anyone to go here to feel calm and at peace. The reiki healing center is a beautiful place full of light and love. Will definitely be coming back.”

Joe D.


"The day we met...was the first day on the start of my healing journey. Truly. I feel like I can mark the time before that day and after. Those...minutes with you were like a breakthrough for me. But I know there is more work to be done! Thank you for the reminder that I need to take care of myself :)"

Lauren B.


“Sema’s approach to Reiki and healing is so comprehensive while being smooth and organic at the same time. I felt that “all of me” was taken into consideration and taken care of. I will be back!!!”

Beth B. psychotherapist



Absent Healing vs. In Office Healing

As a Level II student of Jikiden Reiki we learn a ‘magic formula’ created by the founder Mikao Usui which allows us to administer healing energy, Reiki, without having to touch the individual.  Whether the person is in the next room or across the globe we are able to administer as potent and powerful a session as if they were in the office right under our hands.  This is part of the technology of Jikiden Reiki. 

The sessions are EXACTLY the same except, for the fact that we are not in the same physical room during treatment.  Geographic location is NOT an impediment to working with us*.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Center’s available treatment times and availability are based on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

*Once you’ve made the appointment we’ll be sending you instructions on how to prepare for your remote session.

What to expect when working with me

As a highly sensitive, intuitive practitioner I receive information not only from the client directly as to what their areas of discomfort are, as well as from non traditional ways of ‘knowing’ and flash insights. My primary guide is as a kinesthetic.

What does being a kinesthetic mean? During a session my energy field and the client’s attain coherence. (Honestly sometimes that happens even before the client shows up). In essence their energy field overlaps on mine, and at that time, I start to feel their physiology in my body. It’s the way I am guided to where anxiety, energy blocks, areas of stuck stress and tension, and repressed emotions are stored. There is, as you can imagine, quite a few of those in the average human acquired over a life time. In every session I’m usually shown the top 3. As we get through those, I’m led deeper.

There are times such as the time when things are not as they seem. Some times the ‘initial’ complaint that the clients comes in for gets addressed a few sessions later, as others deemed more necessary for clearing by the energy body are presented. There is usually a certain sequence that I’m guided to work on to obtain the most optimal and lasting results.

The Process

How did I come up with 'The Process’?

I am an engineer by education.  Through my natural inquisitive nature and as a scientist I’ve carefully put together, through anecdotal evidence and observation obtained over 10 years and 10,000+ hours, an optimal process for new clients as well as ongoing programs for maintenance or accelerated results.  With that being said, each individual is unique and moves at their own speed of healing.  We meet them wherever they are and move forward from there.  So, no two cases, even if they have the same symptoms and ‘goals’, will proceed exactly the same way.  The program is designed according to the bell curve which means that 80% of those that come to the Center will be served by this program and the other 20% will need tweaking. This translates to either more or less time for healing, 10% falling on each side.  Some of the factors that impact results are compliance and commitment to goals.

What is the new client experience?

The new client experience begins with three sessions in rapid succession.  The first session is for 2 hours and then the client, with the practitioner’s recommendation, may decide to continue with 90 minutes or 2 hours length sessions.

Why are the initial sessions in rapid succession?

This is to prevent any back slide that might occur in between sessions. 

What do we mean by back slide?

After a period of 2-3 days after a session, once all the shifts and release of the session have integrated and ’the feel good’ response starts to wane, the client may begin to move toward old mental and emotional habits and the nervous system gets fired up again.  The first result of sessions is to reset the nervous system.  Take it from fight or flight to rest and relaxation.  You really can’t go much further in the healing process without that happening first.  So, once we have accomplished that to an extent in the first three sessions we have a window to deeper work,  we can make headway and are able to go about dissolving symptoms and working our way to ‘root cause’ more efficiently.

Most conditions, especially, chronic long standing conditions need time and effort to resolve beyond the three sessions.  It’s just the nature of things.  Humans can not (or at least I haven’t witnessed it of yet) integrate too great a change in their being all at once.  It comes in increments that THEY can handle and usually the increment sizes becomes greater as the healing gets deeper.  The three new client sessions affords the practitioner an opportunity to observe how much progress could be made, and the client if this therapy is one that they could commit to.

How to engage with us after your first 3 sessions?

That depends on how rapidly the client is looking to get to their goals. We can work with them in a variety of ways. Taking a good, better, best approach these are some ways to engage with us.

Good.  Come at a frequency dictated when symptoms have gotten to the unbearable and interfering with normal functioning levels.  Sessions will reset them and they can go about with clarity and wellbeing for a while.  The results are not permanent yet and they haven’t learned a practice for daily mental and emotional hygiene.

Better.  They come at a structured frequency, weekly, biweekly, etc.  So that we might get ahead of the symptoms instead of chasing them.  They learn Jikiden Reiki by taking a class and learn the technology enabling them to practice, and in essence keep the momentum going in between sessions.

Best.  For those ready to move on and through to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or life goals.  We have an immersion program that will take them there in a structured and accelerated way through our Intensive Program.  The program has some standard and some customized aspects which will be outlined and made available to the client after the third treatment session upon request.

The Intensive Program

*The Intensive Program is a scientific, process based approach to our treatment plans, created after 1,000s of session hours working with clients. We expect and record measurable progress both subjectively and objectively during the program.  The success of the program is subject to the compliance and commitment of the client and in their willingness to make the necessary investments of time and effort for healing.

This is a multi modality program with specializations for fertility and preparation for medical intervention.  The fertility program includes general preparation for starting a family, a natural way to enhance fertility or an integrative approach when working with assisted reproductive techniques.  

Our pre-surgical/medical intervention preparation intensive specifically prepares the individual for the intervention as well as setting the stage for accelerated healing after the procedure(s).