What is Reiki?

Reiki is a multi level healing therapy practiced by light touch.

What do I mean by multi level?  The practice of Jikiden Reiki affects not only the physical by dissolving stress, tension and promoting relaxation.  With ongoing sessions it moves on to deeper layers of the subconscious, healing mental and emotional patterns/habits and uncovering repressed emotions. Deeper work still moves us into the super subconscious which accesses and dissolves ancestral karma or, those experiences and tendencies inherited from our forefathers and mothers.   And for those of an esoteric bent,  the healing reaches to the realm of soul genetics, clearing and dissolving spiritual DNA (better known as karma) brought over from other lifetimes.

What are the benefits?

At its most basic level, Reiki provides a method for daily mental and emotional hygiene.  As humans we take in a variety of elements such as the air we breathe, the food eat, as well as energies from the environment and other people.  These can get to toxic and unhealthy levels if not eliminated regularly.

Additionally, with the stimulation and distractions of modern life our mind and emotions have no respite or gap to reset, rejuvenate themselves.  The practice of Reiki immediately calms, quiets and sets the mind into a meditative brain wave with ease.  To maintain results, as with every other activity we desire to gain mastery and success in, daily practice is recommended.

To turbo boost the healing process we recommend both the taking of classes and an intensive healing program.

Why Reiki?

The beauty of the method is its simplicity, its ease of access. Yet its ability to deliver a power and depth of healing that’s usually associated with more complicated methods and longer time frames.

Should I have a session or take a class?

The answer to that question is, I believe, your answer to the following two questions.
What inspires you? What resonates to you?

If you are a DIYer jump right into a class!

Others prefer to get to a healing goal first through professionally facilitated sessions.

My general recommendation is to have a session first. This familiarizes you with the Center and the experience of receiving Reiki from an experienced practitioner. This may also help to evaluate how comfortable you feel with the energy of modality, the Center and the teacher.

All who take regular sessions are strongly encouraged to take a class. It’s part of our empowerment initiative. The more you know the technology behind Reiki, the more you are apt to use it and make it part of your life. And it serves to state here again "that in order to maintain results, as with every other activity we’d like to gain mastery and success in, daily practice is recommended".

For those that are participating in our intensive healing programs classes are mandatory elements of the program.