Shoden - Level I Class Dates and Registration

Shoden - Level I Class Dates and Registration


This is a wonderful class for the beginner student of Reiki or those coming to Jikiden Reiki from Western Reiki, and no matter where you are in your life’s journey!

Jikiden Reiki has structure and is a consistent teaching of the authentic principles and techniques of Reiki as it was practiced by Dr. Hayashi, the founder Mikao Usui’s direct student.

The attunements, or ReiJu, which are the hallmarks of this practice, opens the portal for each student to reawaken their connection to the spirit and divine/cosmic intelligence within themselves. Once you’re through the portal everything is available including all the infinite energy of healing yourselves and others.

We then ground that energy into this reality through application techniques of the energy, learn tools to connect on the fly to this energy through meditation and mental focus. Enhance and open our intuition that becomes our guiding force in making life decisions based on creating joy and love for ourselves. The guiding force also enables us to find and heal the blocks, tension, injury and disease in ourselves and others that are keeping us from that sense of contentedness, joy and love.

ReiJu and the practice of Jikiden Reiki dissolves all that stands in the path between us and it (source, creator, cosmos, Universe) like mental programming, limiting beliefs, life experiences, and memories not ours but that have been passed down to us through our ancestors. Basically all that no longer serves you.

This is a life transforming event. Only enter if you are ready to leave your old practices, habits, mind sets that no longer serve you. If you are ready for a fresh start! If you are tired of not getting anywhere and looking for the path of ease. This WILL lead you to a whole new world and new you. You can never look at the same things in the same way ever again.

The class is offered monthly in 2 alternate schedule formats.

The first is presented over a weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Secondly, in alternating months the class is offered on a Thursday and Friday.

This gives the student the opportunity to participate in an immersion learning experience by registering and taking the level II Okuden class will immediately follow over that weekend.

All class day hours are 10:00am -6:30pm*.

*Ending time may vary and is dependent on class participation.

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Your Shoden 2019 Class Dates:

Shoden Agenda

  • What is Reiki?

  • Key Words & Definitions

  • History of Jikiden Reiki

  • Gokai, The Five (5) Reiki Principles

  • 3 ReiJu/Attunements over 2 days

  • How to Use Reiki for Minor Household Ailments

  • The Concept of Byosen (imbalance and accumulation of toxins in the body)

  • The First Symbol

  • Ketsueki Kokan, Kekko, the blood circulation technique for detoxifying the body.

  • Reiki Practice

After completing the training you will be able to administer Reiki to yourself, family and friends.  And learn how to prepare for higher levels of Training.

How will you benefit by the practice of Jikiden Reiki?

As a client one finds the beginnings of:

  • Moving out of symptoms into health 

  • Increasing awareness of cause and effect in your life

  • More easily enter into states of stillness; as your thoughts become calmer you find so does your life

  • The areas of life where you once felt "blocked" start to move in a favorable direction

  • Clarity, better able to make life choices and decisions with ease

  • Recognizing negative and detrimental mental, emotional and behavior patterns and utilizing tools to move towards positivity and optimism

  • Changing mindset and repatterning the negative programming of the mind

  • Opening of the heart and the ability to give and receive love and compassion to yourself and others.

  • Making better choices, that bring you joy and are aligned with your conscious life goals

  • Manifesting the best version of yourself

As a student you receive those benefits as well as:

  • Exploring your innate power to heal

  • Understand the mind/body/spirit connection

  • Open and strengthen third eye/intuition

  • Understand the mechanisms and multi level causes behind illness, dis-ease, self destructive behavior and patterns.  

  • Understanding how Jikiden Reiki moves the human system towards balance, health and wellbeing.

  • Ability to feel the flow of energy through various parts of the body, like the palms of your hand.

  • Ability to practice self care or administer Reiki to friends and family.