5 Behaviors That Are Creating Negative Energy For You AND How To Change Them


One of the chief reasons most people enlist my services for is that they feel they are carrying negative energy or keep attracting negative energy in the form of people or experiences around them.  Well they are right.  Our level of energy attracts like energy.  What is outside of you IS a reflection of what is inside of you.  Like a mirror.  

Do you have any of these Negative Energy symptoms?

  • Low Life Force Energy

  • Low to No Vitality

  • Diminished Physical Health

  • Attracting toxic relationships

  • Emotional instability

  • Feeling Blocked

5 Behaviors that may be creating these are:


Every time you complain you are saying I am not satisfied for what’s been given to me by the Universe.  Which is a direct manifestation of where your energy level is presently.  It’s an unending loop of complaining which leads to not getting what you want, which leads to more complaining.  You get the picture.  Big energy downer.

Judging others. This includes Gossiping.

This usually indicates that you are critical of yourself as well.  We see in others what we typically don’t like in ourselves.  Remember the mirror concept.

Expecting negative outcomes.

You’re a self defeatist at the outset of any new opportunity so, ultimately, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. 

“That good fortune couldn’t possibly happen for me”.  “I could never do that”, “I would never be chosen for that“ I know it will be the worst, (vacation, experience, job, date, etc.) just fill in the blank” you get the picture.

Using negative language.

Words are sounds and sounds are jam packed with energy.  Just listen to music and see how it can change the way you feel!  Sounds create a vibration within you as you say them that is positive or negative.  

Cursing is especially toxic.  Each time you say these words, you lower your energy and vibration. 

You may be venting or trying to hurt the person across from you.  But using negative language is like smoking.  You’re the one that gets toxic and polluted and then secondly you pollute your space and energy field.  Worst of all most people carry this ‘cloud’ of pollution with them wherever they go.

You keep recounting your past laments, failures, traumas. What others did to you or didn’t do for you. Pure victim mentality. This attracts more of these same experiences. Because you keep putting yourself in the same energy vibration.

Dredging up all those old pains, hurts, wounds over and over again.  It’s therapeutic right?  Wrong!  Think of it like ripping duct tape off a wound each time you decide to recount ‘your story’.  Ouch!  

The first thing to do is become aware of these ‘habits’ and that’s all they are, habits that CAN BE changed .  And then know what to replace them with to start creating positivity and increasing your energy and attracting higher vibration energies, like joy, love, success, abundance!  When we talk about energy here I’m talking about the whole kit and caboodle..  There are far reaching effects and results when you choose to do things differently.  So let’s begin!

  1. Feel gratitude for everything that comes to you even if it’s in the smallest measure. The universe loves gratitude and will reward you with more and more of what you are grateful for. Focus on the good only!

  2. Feel compassion for others. We can’t judge anyone without walking a mile in their shoes. And judgment usually stems from our own insecurities. We try to make ourselves feel better by cutting others down. So when it comes to compassion start by feeling compassion towards yourself first.

  3. Expect the best and then accept what happens. This is a big one we may think in our conscious brain that we are expecting the best but if its not appearing before us that usually means we have some subconscious blocks to those ‘good’ things we are looking to draw into our lives. The best course is acceptance and going with the flow while finding a method to get to those stealth self sabotaging beliefs.

  4. Consciously use positive language. Listen to positive and inspirational messages. You can take it even further by: socializing with positive and uplifting people. Remember you absorb other people’s energies. Be very selective as to what images are being imprinted in your mind. Because all of these are sublimally programming your mind and changing your energy for the positive or negative.

  5. Forgive. This is a big one. I think most people take this in a religious context and its not. It’s purely energetic. Meaning forgiving others for their trespasses and ourselves for ours is the ONLY way to attain for US to attain emotional freedom.

Every recounting of what someone has done to you, or what someone hasn’t done for you.  What YOU have done or not done binds the ropes of emotional imprisonment tighter.  

That’s not what the Universe wants for you. 

Forgiveness does not absolve or say that what happened was right.  It puts it in a context that it is the past and we must release those experiences and free ourselves of that darkness in order to allow light and higher energy into our life and the world.   This has nothing to do with others involved in the situation, its ONLY for you and your emotional health.

These new habits may sound challenging for you, but I assure you “it’s not hard it’s just habit”.  It takes a new level of awareness and consciousness, being present, exercising mental discipline and commitment.  

Negativity it would seem is easy, we all easily succumb to that programming.  Positivity on the other hand comes with effort as well as mental and behavioral discipline.  Until it becomes your new habit and a way of being.  I believe the results of happiness, positivity and good fortune are certainly worth it.

Sending all of you lots of love, positivity and blessings.

Sema Tihan is Director and Founder of The Reiki Healing Center of NJ.  

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